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Hoylake Conservation Area

Hoylake Conservation Area

The Committee aims to represent the interests of the local community with respect to planning, building development, conservation and enhancement within the Hoylake Conservation Area (HCA), which encompasses the Meols Drive CA and the King's Gap CA. Current policy specifically extends planning control beyond the immediate boundary of the designated areas to include the 'setting' of the HCA. In short, we are people who care deeply about our local heritage and our built environment.



This means that proposals within the immediate locality or street scene that form part of the important views into or out of the Area or that, because of their nature or scale, would have a direct effect on the character and environment, are also covered by these arrangements. The HCA has a written Constitution, which is available here.

Through the Director of Corporate Services, Mr Kevin Adderley, we have strong links to the Wirral Borough Council Planning Department, Conservation Officers, Enforcement Officers, Tree Preservation Officer and other services.

We maintain close contact with the elected Local Councillors, Messrs John Hale, Eddie Boult and Gerry Ellis.

If necessary, we have access to the MP for Wirral West, Ms Esther McVey. We maintain close links with the Hoylake & District Civic Society and the aims and objectives of Hoylake Village Life, a local Community Interest Company.

We are notified of all planning applications affecting the HCA as and when they are submitted in order to offer comment in support of the aims and objectives in our Constitution and to ensure that the overall purpose of preserving the character and special characteristics of the area are protected. The Committee is available for consultation prior to submission of any plans and it is hoped to develop this aspect further so that there is regular dialogue between the Committee and the Council Planners.

We attend local area public meetings as required, e.g. the Conservation Area Forum, West Wirral Residents' Forum, and Merseyside Police Open Meetings.

The Committee meets as required but also undertakes informal meetings as part of their remit and to stay abreast of what is happening. Minutes of all meetings are archived here.

An Annual General Meeting is called once a year. The last such was on 22 June 2011. The record of the meeting is available here.


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