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Wirral Multilingual

Wirral Multilingual

Wirral Multilingual was born out of a shared passion for learning about other languages and cultures from around the globe, and is dedicated to promoting the world of cultural diversity - and opportunity - that exists on the doorstep of those currently living and working on the Wirral Peninsula

 As experienced linguists – who have used our language skills not just privately, but also in a commercial environment – we can testify that conversing with both clients and colleagues overseas in their mother tongue can bring better results in business than discussions conducted solely in English.

Whether you are already a keen linguist, or would like to start learning a foreign language (or, indeed, more than one), hopefully you will find what you are looking for at Wirral Multilingual.

Wirral Multilingual is intended as a 'marketplace' for all existing and potential linguists in the area (at all levels of ability; basic to proficient) to share their skills and experience; and also for companies who are looking for help in translating important business documents, or perhaps looking to recruit employees possessing such skills in order to expand their overseas operations.

Wirral Multilingual will enable Wirral residents to:

  • Learn a new language
  • Improve their current language skills
  • Meet and chat with other nationalities

...and will enable Wirral-based companies to:

  • Have access to professional translation/interpreting services
  • Expand their business operations across Europe and beyond
  • Employ multilingual staff

Together, let's make WIRRAL MULTILINGUAL!

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